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Wood, Metal, Acrylic Paint


This lighthearted sculpture was inspired by how much cats enjoy sitting in boxes (especially when they are not supposed to). We thought it would be great to give one special cat a permanent box that was all his own. The playful quality is carried throughout in the cartoon-like linework and bold coloring as well as in the “Fat Cat Pizza” box design. 

The individual elements are staggered in such a way that a small- to average-sized cat should have no problem leaping in and making himself comfortable. His owner can peak in on him through the Chinese takeout container or dangle toys and treats through the hole. A fun visual may take place when a cat pokes his head through the bottom, making it appear is if he is the one on the menu! 

Plenty of space is allowed for hand-cleaning or reaching in with a vacuum hose. The paint is interior latex house paint and acrylic, making cleanup with a damp cloth a breeze. Any cat would be proud to call this home his castle. 

"Moving Day" by Shelly Denning and Ruiwen Zhu

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