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Introducing our Flexible Ribbon Blade with Case, specifically designed for clay enthusiasts! Available in both small and large sizes, this tool is crafted for precise and intricate cutting in your clay crafting projects.


The flexible ribbon blade allows you to navigate the curves and details of your clay creations with ease, ensuring clean and accurate cuts. The protective case included with each blade ensures safe storage, keeping your tool in optimal condition between uses.


Choose the small blade for delicate and detailed work, or opt for the large blade to handle broader cuts and larger projects in your clay sculpting. Whether you're a seasoned clay artist or just starting out, this Flexible Ribbon Blade is a must-have for achieving professional designs in your clay creations.


Enhance your clay crafting experience with our Flexible Ribbon Blade, available in both small and large sizes. Order now and enjoy the convenience of a versatile tool that brings precision and flexibility to your clay projects. Achieve detailed and flawless designs effortlessly with this essential clay blade.

Flexible Ribbon Blade with Case

PriceFrom $2.99