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Available Crafts

At Shelly's Artspace, we take pride in offering a diverse array of crafting classes to suit every artistic palate. Our curated selection includes a wide range of crafts, from canvas painting and jewelry making to pottery, leather crafting, and beyond. What sets us apart is our commitment to customization – we believe that creativity knows no bounds.


While we provide a rich variety of classes, we also understand that individual preferences vary. That's why we go above and beyond to tailor our classes to the unique needs and desires of our clients. Whether it's a specific theme, a preferred crafting medium, or a particular skill level, we are dedicated to creating an experience that resonates with each participant.


Have a vision in mind that goes beyond our current offerings? No problem! Shelly's Artspace is flexible and dynamic. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and bring your creative ideas to life. From intimate gatherings to corporate events, we can adapt and design classes that cater to your group's specific interests, ensuring a truly personalized and memorable crafting experience.


See the list below for some of our current offerings. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us to discuss your needs.

  1. Canvas Painting:

    • Guided painting sessions

    • Customized or themed paintings

  2. Jewelry Making:

    • Beading for bracelets and necklaces

    • Earring design

    • Customizable charm bracelets

  3. Pottery and Ceramics:

    • Clay molding and sculpting

    • Paint-your-own pottery

  4. Paper Crafting:

    • Scrapbooking

    • Card making

    • Origami

  5. Leather Crafting:

    • Customizable leather keychains

    • Leather bracelet making

    • Decorative leather bookmarks

    • Fashionable leather earrings

  6. Fabric and Textile Crafts:​

    • Fabric painting

    • Crochet

    • Embroidery

  7. Home Decor Crafts:

    • Decorative sign painting

    • Wreath making

    • DIY home decor projects

  8. Glass Painting:

    • Painted glassware

    • Faux stained glass projects

  9. Polymer Clay Creations:

    • Clay figurines

    • Customizable clay jewelry

    • Miniature clay sculptures

  10. Woodcraft:

    • Wooden sign painting

    • Wood burning projects

    • Wooden bead crafts

  11. Resin Art:

    • Resin jewelry making

    • Resin coasters or art pieces

  12. Watercolor and Drawing:

    • Watercolor painting

    • Drawing and sketching workshops

  13. Seasonal Crafts:

    • Holiday-themed crafting (e.g.,
      ornaments, Easter eggs)

    • Seasonal decor projects


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