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Experience the precision and versatility of our metal compass set with a 6-inch span. Whether you're a professional architect, engineer, artist, or student, this tool is essential for technical drawings, drafting, and scribing. With adjustable arms, 2mm lead replacements, and a ruling pen/mapping pen tip, it offers superior accuracy and flexibility. Invest in this reliable and durable compass set to elevate your creative projects and achieve precise measurements every time.


Key Features

Durable Metal Construction: The compass is crafted from sturdy metal, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. It is designed to withstand regular use without compromising its structural integrity, providing you with a reliable and dependable drawing tool.


6-Inch Span: With a generous 6-inch span, this compass allows you to create large arcs and circles up to 12 inches in diameter with precision and accuracy. Whether you're working on architectural plans, engineering designs, or artistic projects, this compass provides the flexibility to handle a wide range of measurements.


Adjustable Arms: The compass features adjustable arms that can be extended or contracted to achieve the desired radius or diameter. This allows for precise and customizable measurements, ensuring that your circles and arcs are accurately proportioned.


2mm Lead Replacements: The set includes three 2mm lead replacements, providing you with an ample supply for continuous use. These thicker leads are perfect for bold and prominent lines, offering excellent visibility and clarity in your drawings.


Scribe Tip/Ruling Tip: In addition to its standard compass functionality, this compass includes a fin metal tip that can also be used as a scribe. The ruling pen/mapping pen tip included with the set allows you to create fine, precise lines for drafting, mapping, or calligraphy purposes. This added versatility makes the compass a valuable tool for various creative and technical applications.


Protective Case: The compass comes with a protective case and collapsible hanging point that ensures safe storage and easy transportation. The case is designed to keep the compass and its accessories secure, protecting them from damage and ensuring they are readily available whenever you need them. The compact and lightweight case is convenient for on-the-go use.

Metal Compass in Case with .5mm Lead Refills - 12" diameter