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Introducing General's Woodless Graphite 97-8B Pencil, the ideal tool for artists, illustrators, and sketchers seeking unparalleled depth and versatility in their drawings! Crafted with premium graphite, this woodless pencil offers a solid core of pure graphite, providing artists with rich, velvety darkness and smooth, consistent lines. With its extra-thick lead, the General's Woodless Graphite 97-8B Pencil allows for effortless shading, blending, and layering techniques, making it perfect for creating deep shadows, bold outlines, and intricate details in your artwork. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling and precise control, while its break-resistant formula ensures long-lasting durability. Whether you're working on sketches, portraits, or detailed illustrations, the General's Woodless Graphite 97-8B Pencil is sure to elevate your drawing experience and bring your creative vision to life!

General's Woodless Graphite 97-8B Pencil