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For this project, we were asked to explore how modern technology has affected the way that we interact with each other. I have experienced first-hand the ways that video games can take over a person’s life and interfere with their real-world relationships. Instead of creating a life that they love, people become obsessed with the fantasy realms provided by these games and use them as a way to escape. They replace face-to-face interactions with virtual ones, truly believing that they are the same. This leads to broken relationships and feelings of neglect by those around them. My pieces represent this phenomenon.


A pixelated vase and flowers accompanied by four additional vases that are in various states of disrepair and decay symbolize that too much focus on the digital world leads to decay of the real life relationships outside of the digital realm. Each one displays a computer-based tool (mouse, VR headset, keyboard and laptop) and is meant to be filled with dead flowers.

"DisConnected - Laptop" by Shelly Denning

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