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Unlock a world of creative possibilities with the Bienfang Bristol Board Paper Pad from Elmer's Products. Designed with a smooth texture and weighing in at a substantial 146lb, this paper pad is the ultimate choice for artists who demand excellence in their work. Ideal for both pencil and airbrush techniques, this pad provides a versatile and high-quality canvas for your artistic endeavors.


Key Features:

Smooth Texture for Precision: The Bienfang Bristol Board Paper Pad boasts a smooth texture that provides a flawless surface for precision work. Whether you're sketching intricate details with a pencil or applying airbrush techniques, this paper ensures that your strokes are precise and your artwork is immaculate.

Acid-Free Quality: Craft with confidence knowing that the Bristol Board paper in this pad is acid-free. This archival quality ensures the longevity of your artwork, preventing yellowing and deterioration over time, making it an ideal choice for professional and long-lasting projects.

Versatile Weight: Weighing in at a substantial 146lb, this paper pad offers both sturdiness and flexibility. The heavy weight makes it suitable for a wide variety of techniques and media, accommodating the demands of various artistic styles and applications.

Ideal for Pencil and Airbrush: Whether you prefer the precision of pencil work or the finesse of airbrush techniques, this Bristol Board Paper Pad is the perfect companion. It adapts to your preferred artistic tools, allowing you to explore and express your creativity without limitations.

Generous Sheet Size: Each pad contains twenty sheets of 12x9 inch heavy-weight Bristol Board paper, providing a generous canvas for your artistic expressions. The ample size allows for experimentation, refining techniques, and the development of your artistic skills.

Convenient Pad Format: The pad format offers convenience and organization, allowing you to work on your projects with ease. Tear off sheets effortlessly and keep your artwork together in one place for a cohesive and productive artistic experience.


Transform your artistic visions into masterpieces with Elmer's Products Bienfang Bristol Board Paper Pad – the preferred choice for artists seeking a smooth, acid-free canvas with a substantial weight for pencil and airbrush techniques. Explore, create, and elevate your art with this exceptional Bristol Board paper.

Bienfang Bristol Board Vellum Paper Pad 9x12" 20 sheets

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