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Hi, I'm Shelly!

Welcome to Shelly's Artspace! I'm Shelly, an artist and recent graduate from the University of North Texas. My goal is to make art accessible to everyone and to help people discover their creative potential.

Through my workshops and art kits, I provide all the necessary materials needed to create beautiful works of art. I'm starting small but have big plans, read on to learn more about Shelly's Artspace and how I'm helping others to unleash their creative spirit.

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Shelly's Artspace

When I graduated from UNT in December of 2023, I saw other students graduating and no longer having access to the amazing studio spaces provided at school. While Shelly's Artspace currently offers only workshops and art kits, our plans are to grow into a retail art supply store with studio space for rent. The studio will be equipped with all of the tools necessary to create your next masterpiece. In addition, we will offer art documentation services, classes, a makerspace, scholarships and more.


Perhaps the most important part of this endeavor is simply to be around other creatives. This is the thing I miss most about being in school and hope to provide a sense of community among artists.


No matter where you are in your art journey, Shelly's Artspace is here to help. Our workshops are designed to challenge and inspire you while providing the resources and tools you need to succeed. Help us grow by signing up for a workshop today. Come join us and see what you can create!


Have a question or an idea for a workshop? Want to teach with us? Contact us today and we will respond as soon as we are able.



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