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Introducing our 11.8-Inch Round Wooden Craft Blank, the perfect foundation for your larger-scale crafting projects! Crafted from high-quality unfinished wood, this generously sized blank offers a sturdy and smooth surface for a variety of creative endeavors. Whether you're painting, staining, decoupaging, or woodburning, this versatile blank provides ample space for your artistic expression. Create stunning wall art, decorative trays, clock faces, tabletops, and more with ease. Its substantial size allows for intricate designs and detailed embellishments, making it ideal for both experienced crafters and beginners alike. With its durable construction and smooth finish, this round wooden blank is sure to become a staple in your crafting arsenal. Unleash your creativity and transform this blank canvas into a masterpiece that reflects your unique style and vision!

11.8 Inch Round Wooden Craft Blank